Osama the Economist?

Even as the US economy appears to be tumbling towards the dreadful precipice of recession, a most unlikely personality comes into the context. Osama bin Laden. Yes, the very man who had vowed to terrorise America to its very end. Let us go back in time by about three years. The junior Bush was vying for a second term in the White House. The war in Iraq and his prodigal policies at home seemed to have eroded his popularity irreparably at that time. Just when all seemed lost, George W Bush found an unexpected benefactor in none other than his greatest adversary, Osama. Osama released another of his famous videos threatening to disrupt the peace in America once again. The video release worked like magic for Bush. Somehow, the American people believed that George W Bush was the best possible leader to have when it came to confronting the malevolence of Osama and his armies. The tables turned. Bush's popularity ratings soared once again. Americans showed an obvious preference for security over financial health. Bush stunned everyone including his staunchest detractors by occupying the most important seat in the US for the second successive time. Secretly though, Bush must have thanked Osama in his mind for turning the tables so dramatically in his favor, that too in the nick of time.

Given that Americans changed their voting preferences in fear of Osama, a few questions inevitably pop up. Firstly, did Osama actually time his appearance on TV for the benefit of the younger Bush? If so, why? After a lot of pondering, I have come to the conclusion that the answer to the first question might be 'yes'. The answer to the second may be found in the answers to more of the same. Osama had vowed to destroy America. Yet he remained in the oblivion of his secluded hideout all these years with no sign of activity. Was he in fact betting on Bush to do the job for him? Did he actually take advantage of the American president's impulsiveness and propensity for destruction to use him as an instrument of America's ruination? If the answer to these questions is yes, then Osama has to be a great analyst, nay, an economist, to prophesise America's downfall so precisely from the policies of George W Bush. It may just be possible that, at this very moment, the elusive terror chief is laughing his head off at America's misery.



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