Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Burning Valley

"A spark is enough to start a huge fire". Nothing perhaps has been more closer to this adage than the recent train of events in Indian side of Kashmir. What started off as a dispute over an ancient piece of land has snowballed into a major controversy; a controversy that is threatening to shake the very roots of India's integrity. Kashmir is surely afire, and how. To an observer from outside, any instability in Kashmir has always been viewed as the handiwork of Pakistan sponsored militants. This conception has been very true in most cases. This time round, however, the situation seems to be of a vastly different nature. The fast accelerating wave of protest around the state has seen the involvement of the common man like never before. People are out on the streets in their hundreds and are unfazed by the presence of gun toting security forces who have been authorised to use force if deemed necessary. Now, this is something that even the government may not ave been prepared for - a people's uprising. History has proven time and again that mass movements have not only been difficult but impossible to suppress. The Indian government has to act fast before the current protests gain more momentum. Because, the more these protests continue, the more public support they are going to garner and the more distant the Indian government will go from the minds of the Kashmiri people. Already, important public voices are beginning to speak out for the cause of the Kashmiris. Omar Abdullah and Arundhati Roy have even advocated independence for the Kashmiris. We may yet see History unfold in the valley, one way or the other.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Fall of a Dictator - Boon to Mankind

The exit of Pervez Musharraf from Pakistan politics is not only a relief for the people of Pakistan but it is an equal blessing for the world as a whole. It is no secret that Pakistan is the haven for all the terrorists of this planet. Musharraf has been the godfather of all these home bred as well as fugitive criminals who think of nothing but perpetrating violence and bloodshed in the world. Musharraf has finally got his due. He has been unceremoniously booted out of his seat of power. But I feel that he has been given far less than he deserved. He is the man behind terrorist activities in Pakistan (including the assasination of Benazir Bhutto) and India. He is one dictator who will continue to be dangerous as long as he is alive. Even the US, who has been his cautious friend, have shirked him now. I just hope he doesn't get an opportunity to carry on with his evil agenda from his next abode (wherever that is).

This Airline Suckksss!!!!

I have had a terrible experience flying aboard a JetLite aircraft from Visakhapatnam to Mumbai.I just cannot imagine the mindsets of these airline fellows. The aircraft is so stuufy that anybody can develop claustrophobia in it. The leg room between the seats is no more than than 7 inches. Within that space you will have to adjust yourself whenever the person sitting in front of you decides to recline his seat. I can assure you, you can smell the hair oil on his head if he does so. The quality of the food is next to horrible. There is nothing to read except the safety manuals and an advertisement magazine published by the airline company. The air stewards are fully aware of the shoddy conditions inside the aircraft. That is the reason that there are no feedback forms on board. At the end of the three hour long flight, I was glad to get out in fresh air.
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Bolt From The Blue and The King of The Blue

I feel very privileged to be alive in an era when the 29th Olympiad is taking place in Beijing. I feel honoured to be witness to the feats of two of the greatest sporting icons, not only in the modern era but maybe for years to come. The feats of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps in the month of August 2008 will forever be entrenched in my mind. Usain Bolt was simply a bolt from the blue for all the viewers and competitors alike. The way he streaked away from the rest of the pack was truly superhuman. And unbelievably unselfish. He wasn't thinking of the world record while he was running. All he wanted to enure was that he was in front. The moment he realised that he was way, way in front, he started celebrating even before he reached the finish line. Unbelievable. Had he not relaxed at that moment and had maintained the same speed upto the finish line, he would have clocked something like 9.60 secs. My hat off to a superb athlete.

What Usain Bolt has achieved has been matched equally, if not bettered by another incredible athlete, Michael Phelps. Phelps has simply toyed with the rest of the opposition all through this Olympics. To challenge the feat of a legendary swimmer like Mark Spitz and live up to it is nothing short of superhuman. What makes his achievement even more amazing is the fact that he hardly had to sweat for it. It was almost too simple for him. He has won 8 golds when a big country like India is struggling to get 2. For me he is the Olympian of all Olympians, the God of the pool, the king of the blue.

It is just difficult to imagine how much a human being is capable of. Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps has shown the world that Superman is real.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

USA up to dirty tricks again

It seems like George Bush (the junior version, of course) cannot get enough of poking into other countries' affairs. The disturbing state of affairs in Georgia mut certainly be the result of the US using that country as a shoulder to point a gun at Russia. This explains the deafening silence maintained by the US for so long after Russia invaded Georgia. Meanwhile, the Georgian president, who dared to take on Russia expecting to have the political and military support of US, was in for a rude shock when the US looked the other way until the war had done most of the destruction. What the naive Georgian president had not realised is that he had fallen prey to another of US' unscrupulous ploys. Certainly US does not want Russia to dominate Eastern Europe but since its mischievious plans to undermine Russia's military capabilities lie exposed, it felt that not interfering in the Georgia-Russia conflict would serve two purposes - one, the US will be able to justify its missile defence plans in Eastern Europe to its non-puppet allies such as France. Two, the more the destruction of Georgia, the more business for American companies in its reconstruction. As far as loss of innocent lives is concerned, Bush doesn't give a damn as long as Americans are safe. I just hope the Georgians are clever enough to see through this devious plan.

DD Sports is the SHAME of India

I feel like personally visiting the top boss of our very own Doordarshan and congratulate him for somehow managing to make the great Olympic games look like some kind of local village games. Every day, I turn on the TV expecting to see some kind of standard in the coverage by DD Sports but I am thoroughly disappointed every time. The hosts on the show are completely lack-lustre and do not seem to care a damn what viewers think. Today, the male host (Mr. whatsissname) was continuously referring to Novak Djokovic as "Yankovic". What's more, he looked very pleased with his "performance". I felt like kicking the TV screen. Then, every time the telecast is transferred from the TV studio to the stadium, there is no commentary for about 10 minutes, leaving me wondering what the hell is going on. Suddenly, a voice comes on. No, it is not the commentator. It is somebody talking on the phone to someone. He was completely oblivious (or just didn't care) that his conversation was being heard on the air by ALL OF INDIA. By the way, this is the fourth or fifth occasion this has happened. On two occasions, I had no choice but to hear out the entire conversation. On the other three or four occasions, the TV studio was kind enough to cut off the audio midway during the chit-chat. Doordarshan is making a mockery of the telecast of such an important event. Does being a government organisation mean that you can get away with just about anything? I think, it is time that this channel woke up t the fact that t is the worst presented channel in India today and still falling downward. Is somebody listening?

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