is the ULFA in Slumber or Just Plain Scared??

Even as the people of Assam are gearing up to have another go at the menacing problem of illegal infiltration across the border from Bangladesh, there is one group that has been very conspicuous by its absence in the whole build up that is happening in the state. The group in question is none other than the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam). The self styled "protectors" of the Assamese people are nowhere to be seen or heard at a time when the Assamese citizens are unanimous in their demand for an Assam free from the burden of illegal foreign migrants. It is indeed a big surprise. Where has all the patriotism in the ULFA gone? Where are our "brave soldiers" in our hour of need? Where are the guys who rant about Assam being only for the Assamese? Are they in a deep, convenient slumber? or are they infuriated that the Assamese people are up in arms against their brethren, the Bangladeshis? Are they too ashamed to speak now that their lie has been exposed? These are some questions that the ULFA can never find any answers to. Because the ULFA is well aware of the fact that if they utter even one word in support of the anti-infiltration movement, the Bangladesh government may boot them out of that country, stripping them of their homes, businesses et al. So, they are intelligent enough to realize that it is in their best interests to keep quiet and enjoy life with the money "collected" from Assam. The problems of Assam and its people can wait. Patriots indeed!! If at all they have any feelings that resemble patriotism, those feelings are for Bangladesh and the Bangladeshis living in Assam. They do not give a damn whether Assam lives or dies, so long as they continue to live, that too at our expense.


Hrishikesh said... [Reply]

death to ULFA..........

Anonymous said... [Reply]

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