Is India Impotent or Waiting for D-day

Time and again, terrorists have targeted innocent civilians in India by blasting bombs at public places. The blasts in Delhi have made one thing very clear. Terrorists can bomb any place in India whenever they choose to. In spite of continued inhuman acts of destruction and death, the Indian government can do little but stand, watch and release press statements condemning the acts. These events are now turning out to be nothing more than opportunities for opposition political parties to lambast the government and fodder for television channels. The need of the hour is to formulate and develop a consensus on an effective terrorism policy to prevent further loss of innocent lives. However, it seems that human life in India comes too cheap. A few days of sensational news and debates on TV and a few statements of condolence and condemnation from the political fraternity are all that result from these heinous attacks on human life and property. A similar threat to lives of citizens in the US has prodded that country to virtually comb the planet in search of the terrorists. After 9/11 (New York) and 7/26 (London), there hasn't been one successful attempt by these die hard fanatics on the lives of citizens in the west. Whereas in India, there have been three successive serial blast events in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi and we are still content to sit and watch with our arms folded. It is not that the Indian govenment does not realize the fact that the root of all terrorism in India is in Pakistan and Bangladesh. What it lacks is sufficient courage and will to go after these fiends. The pretext of respect for international jurisdictions is now obsolete. If the US can go after its foes anywhere in the world, what's keeping India from blasting the terrorists out of their hideouts in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Maybe it's fear. Fear of China, fear of losing Bangladesh's duplicitous friendship or maybe just plain fear. Even after so much carnage imported from across the borders with its notorious neighbours, the Indian government does not have the guts to seal its borders completely. Even today, any person can walk across with nonchalance across the India-Bangladesh border and with a little bit more difficulty across the Indo-Pakistan border. The country needs a leader of iron will to take hard decisions to safeguard the lives of its citizens. At present though, there seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel. Maybe we are waiting for the D-day. Maybe, human life in India has just no value.



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