Chinese Chicanery

Finally, after a real roller coaster of a journey, India has managed to squeeze the Nuclear deal through the ensemble of NSG member countries. However, the passage of the waiver bid would have been much smoother than the stumbling finish that was achieved had China not played major spoilsport in the whole process. China had indeed played out its role of a surreptitious and pernicious party crasher to the hilt, with a devious intent to derail India's foray into the Nuclear community. Unfortunately for China (and fortunately for India), all of its backdoor politics came to nought in the face of an overwhelming support from the rest of the NSG members, and especially due to counter diplomacy by the United States. That China has proven to be the most untrustworthy friend as far as India is concerned, has been established beyond an iota of doubt. Untrustworthy and dangerous. Behind their friendly exteriors, the Chinese leadership was most definitely seething at the prospect of India emerging as a major force in Asia, which is why they lobbied so desperately to garner opposition towards India's bid. Now that the inevitable has happened, the Chinese are least likely to sit on their haunches and watch India prosper. In fact, disconcerting sounds are already emanating from the den of the Dragon advocating a similar Nuclear deal for Pakistan. The Chinese foreign minister during his visit to India a couple of days ago innocently refuted all allegations of Chinese opposition to the NSG waiver for India. Appalling. What this means is that China has not regretted its actions. What this again means is that China is getting more and more dangerous for India. China now sees India as a major ally of the US, and it will do all it can to undermine India's preeminence in Asia and the world. If that means empowering Pakistan with more Nuclear capabilities, so be it.



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