Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Corrupt Global Cop

The world watches in muted attention as Israel continues to pound Gaza with all the firepower at its disposal, unconcerned about the danger of collateral damage to innocent civilian life and property. America’s dual policy in regard to world peace has never been more exposed. On the one hand, the US wants more restraint from India in its fight against terrorism from Pakistan while on the other it opposes a UN resolution for bringing hostilities between Israel and Palestine to an end. Once again the world is confronted with the danger of an irresponsible and unscrupulous power holding the reins in a uni-polar world. It is not so bad to have one superpower controlling the affairs of the world provided that the country in control is just and responsible in the dispensation of its policies. America certainly is not one such nation. It is hardly concerned about the loss of human life anywhere in the world and in any number as long as the lives lost are not of Americans. America is not a country that can be trusted, maybe even less than China. The sole reason for this is that the US feels that lives of people in Asian countries are more dispensable than American lives. Any relationship with America is centered around business and profit. America will be a friend of a particular country only so long as its business interests are served. Absence of any profit incentive makes any country and its citizens dispensable in the eyes of America. India should be wary of its developing closeness to the US. In fact, it should realign itself in the opposite direction before it falls into the trap laid by the US. Any country which advocates killing of civilians in another country to further the interests of a particular community cannot be a faithful friend. India has to act on its own justifications and its own resolve to thwart the nemesis of foreign terror. Depending on the promises of a corrupt global cop will do more harm than good to the long term interests of our country.

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