I am.....

Treading untiringly upon the endless street,

Neither at a gallop; nor on leaden feet,

Bereft of form, devoid of shape; stranger to birth, unknown to death,

I have waited for none; yet waited on with bated breath,

And visions of joy, fear, ecstasy and sorrow in the tidings I might bring,

As summer turns into autumn, and winter into spring

I am ever the inert passerby, always on the go,

Yet, the patience of some I try; yet others want me to be slow,

Some curse my arrival, and wish I never did show,

Some thank my presence, and wish I never would go

Some dread my growth to see, some try to outgrow me,

While some fall behind, and just let me be.

I am hailed by Man to be the healer supreme,

The panacea for all wounds, however extreme.

Behind me I leave a trail of gold,

That anoints every bygone in its mold,

To reflect and cherish and yearn to return,

And to retrace its every step, be it one of acceptance or of spurn

I see the Universe go round, and the Earth change its hues,

I have seen the rise of Man, and also seen him lose,

His haven to the demons of his own creation,

And bear the brunt of Nature’s fierce imprecation,

But still persist in his journey of folly,

Unmindful of Mother’s agony at his flagrant devilry

I have seen the dark winds blow, trees turn into wood, air to smoke

I have seen the water turn black, and the birds and fishes choke

Nothing could I do as Man used his artifice to make the Beast his prey;

When Nature’s vengeance I saw, and the Planet had its say

As lands plunged into the water, and mountains spit fire

Unleashing on Man all of Earth’s pent-up ire

Treading untiringly upon the endless street,

Neither at a gallop; nor on leaden feet,

I have no friend, no foe; I am but made to flow,

I have seen all, and will ever more, as I grow,

Until the universe exists, and clocks continue to chime.

I had no beginning, have yet seen no end. My name is Time.


justanotherdot said... [Reply]

intresting....elegant yet simple way of expressing....really impressed by your usage of words...this is wat that creates interest among the readers


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