DD Sports is the SHAME of India

I feel like personally visiting the top boss of our very own Doordarshan and congratulate him for somehow managing to make the great Olympic games look like some kind of local village games. Every day, I turn on the TV expecting to see some kind of standard in the coverage by DD Sports but I am thoroughly disappointed every time. The hosts on the show are completely lack-lustre and do not seem to care a damn what viewers think. Today, the male host (Mr. whatsissname) was continuously referring to Novak Djokovic as "Yankovic". What's more, he looked very pleased with his "performance". I felt like kicking the TV screen. Then, every time the telecast is transferred from the TV studio to the stadium, there is no commentary for about 10 minutes, leaving me wondering what the hell is going on. Suddenly, a voice comes on. No, it is not the commentator. It is somebody talking on the phone to someone. He was completely oblivious (or just didn't care) that his conversation was being heard on the air by ALL OF INDIA. By the way, this is the fourth or fifth occasion this has happened. On two occasions, I had no choice but to hear out the entire conversation. On the other three or four occasions, the TV studio was kind enough to cut off the audio midway during the chit-chat. Doordarshan is making a mockery of the telecast of such an important event. Does being a government organisation mean that you can get away with just about anything? I think, it is time that this channel woke up t the fact that t is the worst presented channel in India today and still falling downward. Is somebody listening?



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