A Bolt From The Blue and The King of The Blue

I feel very privileged to be alive in an era when the 29th Olympiad is taking place in Beijing. I feel honoured to be witness to the feats of two of the greatest sporting icons, not only in the modern era but maybe for years to come. The feats of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps in the month of August 2008 will forever be entrenched in my mind. Usain Bolt was simply a bolt from the blue for all the viewers and competitors alike. The way he streaked away from the rest of the pack was truly superhuman. And unbelievably unselfish. He wasn't thinking of the world record while he was running. All he wanted to enure was that he was in front. The moment he realised that he was way, way in front, he started celebrating even before he reached the finish line. Unbelievable. Had he not relaxed at that moment and had maintained the same speed upto the finish line, he would have clocked something like 9.60 secs. My hat off to a superb athlete.

What Usain Bolt has achieved has been matched equally, if not bettered by another incredible athlete, Michael Phelps. Phelps has simply toyed with the rest of the opposition all through this Olympics. To challenge the feat of a legendary swimmer like Mark Spitz and live up to it is nothing short of superhuman. What makes his achievement even more amazing is the fact that he hardly had to sweat for it. It was almost too simple for him. He has won 8 golds when a big country like India is struggling to get 2. For me he is the Olympian of all Olympians, the God of the pool, the king of the blue.

It is just difficult to imagine how much a human being is capable of. Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps has shown the world that Superman is real.



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