9/11: The Untold Truth

Close to a decade has elapsed since we witnessed those incredible visuals on TV of the twin towers in New York crashing down to earth. The henchmen involved in the attack have been taken for dead in the suicide attacks, save for their masters, long believed to be the hard-core Islamic terrorist organization, Al Qaeda and the man supposed to be at its helm, Osama Bin Laden. At the time the FBI declared Bin Laden as the mastermind of the carnage, their were more than a few skeptics with eyebrows raised in incredulity, and not unnaturally, at the deduction of the investigative agencies. It was simply hard to digest the fact that a few men hiding in the desolate mountainous terrains of an equally desolate country could gain access to the resources that were employed in the highly sophisticated operation. Anyway, the conclusion was arrived at, and accepted by the world at large, and gave the Americans the license to run over any part of the world where they felt the ‘suspects’ were holed up. Two wars and a lot of destruction and death followed. The American government rode on the world-wide sympathy wave that the 9/11 attacks evoked, and began to visualize Al Qaeda and Bin Laden in every place they coveted, but could not have otherwise invaded.

With the American citizen suitably pacified, the UN conveniently subjugated and the rest of the world persuaded to ‘see’ the American point of view, the world moved on. Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantamo Bay and all those weapons of mass destruction that were never found in Iraq have all but faded from the senses and sensibilities of everybody except those caught in those dreaded areas, when a whole new version of 9/11 has sprung up in the news space and the internet. This time it is a theory that is more credible and more in consonance with the train of events before, during and after the 9/11 attacks. An article by Sean McBride (the author is a discussant in newsgroups investigating CIA involvement in drug-trade), “9 11: A Mossad False Flag Operation” that is all over the internet has injected new life into the 9/11 saga. According to this theory, the whole 9/11 operation was planned and conducted by the powerful Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, in collusion with high profile Jewish personalities in the US and the CIA. The most sensational revelation of all is that George W Bush himself was privy to the whole operation much before its execution. The article states that Osama Bin Laden is a high profile Mossad agent who was used in the guise of an Al Qaeda Jehadist, a perfect cover for the Mossad and their American confederates. The startling revelations continue to flow as the document states that the abductors on board the hijacked planes were recruited by Bin Laden for the job of just hijacking the planes, NOT FOR FLYING THEM. In fact, the hijackers were not even aware that they have been sent to their death on a suicide mission. The planes were directed by remote control from the ground into predetermined floors on both the towers of the WTC where special thermal explosives (to intensify the heat produced in an explosion) were already planted beforehand. This surely explains the precision with which the planes struck the towers. Controlling aircraft from the ground is nothing new for the Israelis and the Americans.

The Mossad angle of 9/11 fits in very nicely with a number of other facts that have relation to the event. Firstly, none of the planners or perpetrators of the ghastly attacks were ever caught post 9/11. Secondly, the then US President, Bush, showed no surprise on receiving the news of the attacks (very reminiscent of the lack of surprise on Indira Gandhi’s countenance when she was informed of Sanjay Gandhi’s death in an accident). Secondly, the US government seems to be deliberately toning down the importance of capturing Osama Bin Laden by labeling him a “pesky parasite”, a climb-down from the days immediately after 9/11, when he was declared Mr Satan. In fact, George Bush has publicly exhorted the American people to “forget” about Bin Laden. So, did Bush want the American people to forget the 9/11 attacks as just another “event”? Or, was the capture of Bin Laden about to bring forth dangerous revelations of the role of the US government and the CIA in the whole affair? Thirdly, the attackers made sure that no Jewish person was killed in the attack, although it later emerged that one Jewish person was killed among the hundreds that perished. One Jewish company shifted its offices from the WTC just ONE DAY before the attacks. All Israelis were informed of the attack through the internet TWO HOURS before it actually happened. Fourthly, and not the least of them all, hundreds of Israelis were seen celebrating on rooftops in New York City immediately after the attacks were carried out.

It is certainly no secret that the Jews unofficially control America, and it is no secret either that many of the top personalities in the US administration are of Jewish origin. Some of these personalities are definitely sympathetic to the Zionist agendas of the Mossad and other ruthless Jewish ethnic groups in Israel and the US. An operation of the scale and ruthlessness of 9/11 is definitely not beyond these people.

Now, the question that pops up is not whether this theory of involvement of the Mossad and the Israelis and the American presidential forces in the 9/11 affair is true or not. The question is, what if it is? The way the American government is repeatedly attempting to erase the memories of the event from public memory and the way the American investigative agencies are making all out efforts to scuttle any suspicion in the established and accepted theory of the 9/11 conspiracy, it certainly reeks of some rotten business afoot. There is hardly any doubt that, if proven, this theory would not only turn the common perception of the 9/11 attacks upside down, in addition to spelling doom for George W Bush and his cronies, but would also make an irreparable dent in America’s image in the world. However, if left under the carpet, such truths are going to cause more pain for the American people in the not-too-distant future. Americans have to come to terms with the hard truth that their security is being threatened not by a group of Islamists living in caves in some remote corner of the planet but by some of their very own in whom they have entrusted the safety of their loved ones.



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