Panacea For The Soul

What does one do at the end of a fruitless day, inconsequential and mundane; when one is in the company of none but solitude, enveloped by the monotonous silence of mute confines; when one has to strive hard to prevent his or her spirits from being dragged down under a quilt of gloom. Moments like these can be frequent, yet always unwanted visitors in one’s existence. When I have had the misfortune be in the throes of such torment, my mind always sought refuge in the ever-faithful realm of music to battle my blues. Western slow rock and country music has always been very close to my heart but the lyrical gems of Hindi film music are in a league of their own, and the one can never be compared in relation to the other. I can never tire of listening to my favorite Hindi mp3 music on my laptop – a collection of priceless melodies from the days of Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. It is amazing how the sublime poetic thoughts of the seventies and eighties, which was, without doubt, the golden age of Hindi film music, rendered timeless by enthralling scores and the magic vocals of great bards of romance, mirth and melancholy never fail to touch the deepest chords of emotion in my heart. Today, the air was replete with the kind of feeling that made me long for some soul stirring, dreamy, magical melody. The kind of music so soothing to the soul, the lyrics so touching and the vocals so passionate that a better cure for a despondent mind is yet to be known,

Dekha Hain Zindagi Ko
Kuch Itna Kareeb Se
Chehre Tamam Lagne Lage
Ae Ajeeb Se……

Kishore Kumar’s plaintive voice bores into your heart as his emotive intonation of a poet’s emotion engulfs the senses. The mind bonds seamlessly with the tunes and severs itself from the unfeeling world of reality. My soul gets inebriated with the soothing touch of the mellifluous verse; I can go on listening forever. The stream of melody continues to flow with yet another classic number,

Kya Khabar Kya Pata
Kya Khushi Hain Gham Hain Kya
Leke Asoon Jo Hasi De
Gham Ke Badle Jo Khushi De
Raaz Ye Jaana Usi Ne
Zindagi Kya Hain Zindagi……

And another,

Pyaar Hi Jeene Ki Soorat Hain
Sabse Badi Zaroorat Hain
Pyar Se Kya Darna…

And another,

Koi Hota Jisko Apna
Hum Apna Kehlete Yaaron
Paas Nahin Toh Door Hi Hota
Lekin Koi Mera Apna…

As Kishore’s dulcet rendition faded gently away, the silken voice of Lata Mangeshkar wafted into my being with all the tenderness of an angelic touch,

Rajnigandha Phool Tumhari
Mehke Mere Jeevan Mein
Yuhin Mehke Preet Piya Ki
Mere Anuragi Man Mein

The rhythmic cadence of unadulterated melody caressed the weary senses and made my mind drift into a sweet reverie. At the end of it, as I inevitably awoke to the somber environs of my dispassionate dwelling, which seemed even more so after my dreamy journey through the surreal world of soulful melody, I was filled with a feeling akin to bereavement from a loved one. Every time I let my mind swing to these captivating lyrics ensconced in lilting music, my mind yearns for more. Surely, this cannot be too different from the pleasures of heaven.


pramod said... [Reply]

very great taste ,my fav. too is kishore da,
very outstanding compilation.


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