An Invigorating Debate

I must say I have been pretty exhilarated by the response and the debate that has been generated in the William Gibson Forum on the questions I had raised in my piece In Search of God. Some members have labeled my opinions as anti-science statements while one or two have acknowledged the validity of my perspective. However, the ‘anti-science’ allegation has set me thinking. It is indeed intriguing that man is always so devoted to whatever ideology he subscribes to, be it Science or God. It will not be too wrong to say that there are fanatics in both classes of humanity, insofar that a person belonging to one ideological cult is sure to react sharply at any mention of the other. However much a devout follower of science may harp about rationality and reason, he is equally fastidious in his stance of apostasy as is a religious extremist in his posture of theism. Fact is, neither has been able to prove the other completely wrong. Human science still hasn’t got to the bottom of human existence and custodians of religion continue to base their arguments on untenable theories. It seems that this journey has yet to traverse a fair distance before we can declare this universe as either theocratic or technocratic. Maybe, with the passage of time, Man will find a way to merge the two into co-existence.



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